Our Mission:

To provide the most realistic and practical life-saving self defense training possible, which enables military, law enforcement, and law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against multiple assailants and other threats.

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Wolverinz In addition to our ongoing Wolverinz program, Modern Warrior also hosts a handful of youth stand-alone classes each year! Click the links below for printable flyers for upcoming youth classes for 2017!

Click here to print/view a flyer for our 2 hour Anti-Abduction Class for Children & Families
Learn valuable self defense and anti-abduction skills along with tips on how to recognize, and avoid, potentially dangerous situations!

Saturday, October 21st from 1 - 3pm.
Recommended for ages 5-11. Just $5 per person!

Wolverinz Youth Martial Arts Program

Do you worry about your child walking home from the bus stop alone? Concerned that your child may be being bullied and there's potential for your child to become the victim of an assault? Want to keep your child from becoming a bully? Then this is the class for you!

The Wolverinz Martial Arts and Leadership Program gives kids skills and parents a piece of mind! Wolverinz learn practical Anti-bullying, Anti-abduction, and Self-Defense techniques in an environment that emphasizes leadership, teamwork, accountability, and good decision making.

Our Wolverinz program has received a lot of positive feedback from parents, including this review on MerchantCircle.com: "Phil, the master, is great with the kids and Megan is a sweetheart. All three of my sons go together and it's done wonders for them at home. I see more confidence in handling school situations and I like that Modern Warrior has a focus on the real life training they need."

Ages 5-9 meet Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5-6 pm.
Ages 10-14 meet Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-7 pm.
On Saturdays, a combined class meets 10 am -11 am.

$89 per month for 1 child
$79 for the second child
$69 for additional children!
(A one time Membership Fee of $99 covers all children in nuclear family for life)

Wolverinz Bonkers

Wolverinz engage in a variety of exercises that enhance their ability to work together and to plan ahead

Wolverinz Ball Races

Fitness activities are paired with fun tasks & challenges

Self Defense Techniques

Wolverinz learn self defense skills that enable them to protect against a bully or an attacker, and are taught how use their size & body style to their benefit br>


Your child will enjoy a fun, safe learning environment where you as a parent can watch the class or run errands worry free

Self Defense Techniques

Anti-Abduction techniques will give your child the skills they need your to get away from a kidnapper or school yard bully

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we have to sign a contract?

Never! Your fees are paid monthly and you won't be bound by a contract or feel pressured to stay because you've already paid for classes your child has not taken. We accept a variety of payment methods, including pay by check, pay by cash, and pay by credit/debit card. We do offer the convenience of an AutoPay Program wherein we keep your credit or debit card information on file and charge the card between the 25th - 30th of each month for the following month's due. Our autopay program is not mandatory, and we do not require students to jump through hoops, send certified letters, etc...in order to cancel. Simply call us before the 24th of the month, and your card will not be run for the next month's dues. Once the cards have been run, we do not issue a refund for any cancellations that are called in after the 5th of the month.

Will Bo Fung Do training teach my child disciple and responsibility?

The our classes are structured will enable your child to be disciplined and responsible for the training session. The habit of training will be instilled in the child. You will notice that quite quickly, that discipline and responsibility will carry over into other areas of your child’s life.
If, however, discipline and responsibility is not something the child is taught at home obtaining it from somewhere else will be difficult at best.

Is the Wolverinz program good for tournaments?

Tournaments are not a consideration for the WOLVERINZ program. There are aspects of combat sports that are applicable and utilized for self defense training, but tournaments are definitely NOT part of the focus at Modern Warrior. Tournament styles and rules require different training. The goal of all of our training is Self Defense for the Real World.

Will this make my child aggressive?

Children who are bullies usually are angry, scared children. There is usually something going on in their lives to cause anger and fear. Often they are being bullied or abused themselves. They in turn bully others because that becomes "normal" behavior for them or because it's their way of taking control they don't normally have.
Learning a martial art or self-defense art does not lead to children becoming violent or prone to engage in bullying behavior. In fact, it makes children cope better. Confident children are not bullies!

Can my child watch a class before signing up?

Potential students are encouraged to attend classes and, if comfortable, to participate. As well, parents are encouraged to stay and watch their child's class. Because we believe that one class is just not enough for a child to decide if they enjoy a program and feel comfortable with the instructors, other students, and class content we offer 3 FREE TRIAL CLASSES in our Wolverinz program.

Your child's first class is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call the office to schedule

What should my child wear?

Comfortable clothing and footwear (sneakers, cross trainers, running shoes, hiking boots. NO flip flops, slippers or anything that will come off easily.) The official "uniform" is a blue "Wolverinz" t-shirt provided at time of registration (replacement shirts are available for $12 each) and black pants, but most children wear the same clothing they were wearing all day.

Are there belt testing fees or any other hidden costs?

Nope! We do charge a late fee of $15 if classes are paid for after the 1st of the month (not your child's first class of the month.) There are no belt testing fees and no contracts to sign! The only expenses you would incur include monthly tuition, and the one time membership fee (as noted in the pricing schedule above)

Questions or concerns not listed here?

Contact us at (631) 226-8383