Our Mission:

To provide the most realistic and practical life-saving self defense training possible, which enables military, law enforcement, and law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against multiple assailants and other threats.

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Modern Warrior School Safety Seminars

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For Educators


Seminar (4 hours)

Learn to WIN in tight narrow spaces such as a hallway, elevator, etc. The bulk of the Confined Area Safety/Survival Tactics (CAST) seminar will be held in our private bus equipped with bus and airline seats. Ideal class for aides, bus drivers and students age 16+.

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Gun Defense for Educators (FREE!)

Seminar (2 hours)

Our response to the rising incidents of gun related violence in our schools. Open to all school personnel, security guards, aides, teachers, and administrators. This free community service class is our way of protecting the children and citizens of our community. Be part of the solution, not the problem. Take action now with this practical, free and dynamic training!

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Seminar (2 hours)

Disengage a fight while reducing risk of injury to the students themselves, personnel, and bystanders. The Kinetic Intervention Device (KID) employs the science of Physio-kinetics™ to restrict movement and separate combatants from a crowd. This school noodle takes all the glory out of bullying.

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Program (2 hour and 4 hour classes)

Failing to plan, is planning to fail. The Student Protection And Controlled Escape (SPACE) Program provides proactive strategies for handling bullying situations and organization of a controlled escape plan for teachers and students in the event of a violent school intruder.

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School Shark

Seminar (2 hours)

Protect your students against a violent armed intruder with the ballistic Shark. This functional bulletproof tool is easy to use against handguns, long guns and knives. Schedule a private class for your school district.

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On-going Programs for the Students


Martial Arts and leadership program for kids, tweens and teens. Youth will learn empowering techniques and strategies to defend themselves against bullies and potential abductors. Students also foster ability to work within and lead a team.

Click here to read more about our Wolverinz Program

Team Tigress

Get fit, have fun & kick butt! This class blends realistic self defense & fitness as only Modern Warrior can do it. Exclusively for ladies age 13-17.

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