Our Mission:

To provide the most realistic and practical life-saving self defense training possible, which enables military, law enforcement, and law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against multiple assailants and other threats.

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Phil Messina Some of the law Enforcement Agencies that have trained with Modern Warrior.
Modern Warrior has been saving Law Enforcement Lives since 1981. We've been teaching officers techniques and strategies that SAVE LIVES! There are children in existence today that otherwise would not be here if one, or even both, of their parents had not trained with us. Our techniques are based on Phil's extensive knowledge and study of criminals and criminal mindset. Criminals don't play by the rules, and they don't want to be caught! As an officer you need to be prepared for whatever they throw at you, our reality based training will give you the tactical advantage you need to WIN the confrontation and get them off the street. Our goal is to get all officers home safe each and every night.

Call for a tour of our unique facility if you're in the Long Island area, or call and arrange a day to take a FREE trial week with our on-going martial arts program so you can experience the type of training you'll receive with us.

And if you're out of state and want to bring our training to your area give us a call. Our lead instructor, retired NYPD Sgt. Mr. Phil Messina, learned quickly on the streets of New York that much of his extensive martial arts training went right out the window under real world environments. He has spent many years striving to teach officers under realistic circumstances, to fight with items in their hands (radio, firearm, pen, memo book, OC spray, etc.) and to confront multiple assailants, possibly with multiple weapons.

Lucky 7 Phil and his professional staff are available to teach a variety of courses at YOUR facility including, but not limited to Tactical Straight Baton, Confrontational Handcuffing, Tactical Ground Fighting and more! Contact us for details and scheduling information at (631) 226-8383 or (888) M-WARRIOR or simply e-mail: Info@ModernWarrior.com.

The 2017 Law Enforcement Multi-Day Course Training Schedule is in the works!

Available Courses for Law Enforcement:

Experience a New Level of Training. Let Us Amaze You. Pick from any of the topics below, or have us design a course just for you!


8 Week Police Defensive Tactics

Premier training appropriate for Officers fresh out of the Academy and ‘Old Hair Bags’ alike. Topics covered include Handcuffing, Expandable Baton, Firearm Retention, Edged Weapons Defense, and more. Open to Law Enforcement and Trainers. All applicants will be required to provide proper identification.

Click here to read more about our PDT Course

Breaking Holds

Seminar (4 hours)

When someone puts both hands on you what do you have? A Free Shot! Learn when and how to break out of a hold and get options to exploit their grab as well.

Click here to read more about our Breaking Holds Course

Click here to print/view a flyer for 2016 Breaking Holds & Exploiting Grabs Class - Saturday, August 27th from 6-10pm

Combat Physio-Kinetics

Seminar (4 hours) or Full Day/Multi-Day Course

An overriding theme behind all Modern Warrior training! Physio-kinetics is the science of controlling an assailant's natural balance and motion, and using the fundamentals of human anatomy to your benefit during a confrontation!

Click here to print/view a flyer for 2017 4 Hour Combat Physio-Kinetics Seminar - Saturday, September 23rd from 5-9pm

Confined Area Safety & Survival Tactics (CAST)

Seminar (4 hours)

Learn to WIN in tight narrow spaces such as a hallway, elevator, etc. The bulk of the Confined Area Safety/Survival Tactics (CAST) seminar will be held in our private bus equipped with bus and airline seats. Ideal class for those Law Enforcement Officers, Air Marshalls and Military.

Click here to read more about our CAST Course

Confronting Multiples

Seminar (4 hours)

Exciting and intense, this class instills the ability to be the calm in the center of the chaos. Understanding the "wolf pack" mindset provides you with important tools, tips and tricks for fighting and winning against crowds, gangs, and teams of bad guys.

Click here to read more about our Confronting Multiple Assailants Course

Click here to print/view a flyer for 2017 Confronting Multiple Assailant Class - Sunday, February 12th from 1-5pm

Environmental Simulation

Seminar (4 hours)

Good guys don't get to say if and when a fight occurs. Prepare yourself to WIN in adverse environmental conditions such as rain, wind and snow!

Click here to read more about our Environmental Simulation Course

Click here to print/view a flyer for 2017 Law Enforcement Environmental Simulator Room Class - Sunday, July 30th from 2:30-6:30pm

Click here to print/view a flyer for 2017 Civilian (LEO-Friendly) Environmental Simulator Room Class - Saturday, July 1st from 2-6pm *prerequisites are required for civilian enrollment*

Flashlight Self Defense Key Chain

Seminar (4 hours)

Protect yourself with this legal and extremely effective self defense device, and even collect DNA!

Click here to read more about our Flashlight Self Defense Key Chain Course

Click here to print/view a flyer for 2017 Flashlight Keychain Self Defense Class : Saturday, August 12th from 6-10pm

Gun Defense

Seminar (4 hours)

Defend yourself against an armed gunman. Seminar will include techniques for handguns and long guns.

Click here to read more about our Gun Defense Course

Knife Defense

Seminar (4 hours)

Practical knife defense system. Covers variety of angles of attack. Tactics applicable to various edged weapons, including box cutters, broken bottles, shivs, machetes, and more.

Click here to read more about our Knife Defense Course

HELP Expandable Baton (High Efficiency Low Profile)

1, 2, or 3 Day Multi-Level Instructor Certification Course
Protect yourself on the street and in the courtroom with this effective expandable baton program. Basic through Instructor Trainer certification available. Open to Law Enforcement and Trainers. All applicants will be required to provide proper identification.

Click here to read more about our HELP Seminar

Click here to print/view a flyer for 2017 4 Hour HELP Expandable Baton Basic-Carry Certification Class - Monday, April 10th from 5-9pm

Improvised Weapons

Seminar (4 hours)

Perfect for law enforcement domestic calls/home or office entry! This course embraces the idea of using of your environment to your benefit; it's chock full of techniques that can be executed with everyday items such as laptops, water bottles, books, cell phones, magazines and tweezers - just to name a few.

Click here to read more about our Improvised Weapons Seminar

Click here to print/view a flyer for 2017 4 Hour Improvised Weapons Class on Sunday, November 5th from 2 - 5pm

SPACE Program

Seminar (4 hours)

Student Protection and Controlled Escape (SPACE) was specifically designed to meet the needs of our schools. Defend yourself and your students against a violent armed intruder.

Click here to read more about our SPACE Program

Tactical Jaw and Limb Control

Seminar (4 hours)

Learn the nuances of Physio-kinetics™ to influence an attackers' balance, power and mobility. Ideal for smaller and lighter students.

Click here to read more about our Tactical Jaw and Limb Control Course

Tactical Ground Fighting

Seminar (4 hours)

Down is not out. The fight is just beginning!

Click here to read more about our Tactical Ground Fighting Course

Click here to print/view a flyer for 2017 3 Hour Tactical Takedowns Class for Law Enforcement, Doctors, EMTs, Nurses, Security Officers and other approved civilians - Monday, February 6th from 7-10pm

Click here to print/view a flyer for 2017 2.5 Hour Tactical Groundfighting Class - Assailant on Top (a Pinned Throws/Throws from the ground class) - Monday, August 14th from 7-9:30pm

Instinctive Firearm Disarming & Retention

Seminar (4 hours)

Learn techniques and tactics that will enable you to retain your firearms against one or more assailants under the most extreme conditions and learn to disarm an assailant when access your own firearm is not the best immediate strategy (or is simply not an option)

Diversified Handcuffing

Seminar (4 hours)

Learn to adapt your handcuffing tactics to a variety of unknown, adverse, and unexpected situations. This class is designed to allow you to safely and efficiently place suspects under control regardless of any non-compliant actions.

Visit our Instructor Level Programs page to learn about additional Defensive Tactics seminars.